Create an App in 2021 – Here are 10 Reasons why

If you don’t know yet why you should create an app for your business then read on as I explain. As of the end of 2020, there are over 14 billion mobile devices worldwide, millions of apps on the Apple store and Google Play and countless interactive websites. If one of those is not yours, then consider creating an app for your business!

If you think it is too expensive to create an app, take a look at my guide on how to create an app. It will walk you through the process of creating your first app as cheap as possible. In fact, it’s a walkthrough of how I created Tracko If you still want more help, I can assist you with the whole process from determining whether an app would help all the way through to designing, coding, launching and maintaining your app. Reach out to discuss further.

Here are 10 reasons why you should create an app.

Generate extra sales.  

Mobile and web apps generate additional revenues for a business in a few ways: First, as most people nowadays carry a mobile device, apps encourage repeat business from consumers on the go. A business can also benefit from a new advertising stream through notifications, email and data collection. The app itself may also be a feature you offer that compels customers to leave their current provider and give you their business!

Reduce service costs.

Apps and websites alike allow customers to access basic information and get answers without needing to call a call centre. The app could even allow consumers to search knowledge banks or provide a virtual menu leading them to call the correct department rather than wasting time listening to prompts in a call queue. The app could even provide a call back feature further reducing servicing costs.

Reduce marketing costs.  

Another benefit of apps is the low cost of pushing marketing to them. Compared to traditional advertising channels and direct marketing, pushing notifications to customers who have agreed to receive them is cheap. For example, you may want to announce an event or new product offer.

Enhance customer experience.

Apps provide instant access to you – with one touch, a customer can click to call, initiate a support chat, schedule service, get real time updates and make changes to orders and service requests. For users with location turned on, an app can also recognize where they are in real time and point them to your nearest store or service location. You could even show the customer how far the tech is, much like the Uber app shows the car approaching.

A Competitive advantage. 

While most industries have already warmed up to apps, perhaps your industry hasn’t. If this is the case, an app can become your competitive advantage and help differentiate you from the rest. If your competitors already have apps, then you can custom-build unique features into your app that they don’t. The possibilities are endless.

Broaden your market coverage.  

Without an app, you may be missing out on parts of the market that simply prefers to do business online. Take a look at the percentage of visitors who access your website through mobile devices to see whether you have a mobile-addicted market.

Create visual reminders.  

What better way to bring your customers back than to embed your brand in your customer’s pocket!  Apps are always visible on the user’s home screen. Consumers are more likely to repeatedly interact with businesses that are at their fingertips, making apps a great customer loyalty tool.

Get feedback. 

You can easily get actionable insights from your customers, by conducting an “in-app” survey and requesting customers to provide feedback directly through the app.

Stay in control 

Maintain control of the customer relationship. Apps are a platform which allow you to have a direct contact and build a relationship with your customer, without a middleman.


Apps can help automate certain tasks. Our free Tracko web app, for example, helps businesses automate the collection of their visitors’ contact information instead of having to keep records by hand.

If you’d like an app for your business, contact me and I’ll be happy to connect with you with the right fit vendors for your budget and business needs.